Manage all social media accounts at one place

With Smintly you can post updates to all your social networking accounts from one page.

There are also advanced posting options available such as scheduled updates, import from RSS and more.

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Manage brand reputation

Track mentions of your business name across the web and in the most popular social networks.

Our system automatically detects the most important brand influencers so you can engage with them and improve your brand.

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Brand new feature is now available: Social CRM

With our social CRM you can close more deals and work with clients more effectively.

Track activity of your leads and find the best time to contact them.

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Track brand reputation, manage social media channels, grow leads & customers, remote posting & scheduling, many more...

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Keep all your customers in touch

Engage with clients in social networks

Track Brand Reputation
  • Tracking keywords in social networks
  • Tracking influencers
  • Tracking account activity
  • Monitoring Google Analytics and reviews
  • Tracking account followers and likes
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Manage social media channels
  • Boost number of friends and followers on Twitter
  • Automatically unfollow those who don't follow you
  • Automatically retweet best tweets of your followers
  • Craft posts to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin
  • Check social media activity from Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts
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Manage leads and customers
  • Stay in touch with leads and clients with social CRM
  • Track activity of leads in social networks and find a the best time to close the deal
  • Monitor clients activity and engage
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Remote posting & scheduling
  • Schedule updates to social media channels
  • Increase the number of followers by planning posts
  • Create exciting posts using image post designer
  • Post to different social media accounts from multiple profiles
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Remote posting

Scheduled posts

Posting from RSS

Brand reputation monitoring

Social activity monitoring

Brand influencers tracking

Twitter marketing tools

Social CRM

Reviews monitoring

Website traffic stats

Search results position tracking

Multiple accounts management

Collaboration teams


$ 9/month

10 keywords


$ 39/month


What our users are saying

“I've got a real problem to manage so many accounts using just basic interfaces. I've had to spend so much time posting the content in social media. It's like few hours everyday. But then I've found out about smintly. I was amazed! My work became so easy. Now I just plan all the content on Monday morning, use Smintly to post it for me and I'm done for the week. Great!”

We've got 20 accounts managed from one window. It's amazing!

SMINTLY is so helpful for me as a marketer. I have found so many market influencers I've had no idea about! And then using SMINTLY I was able to connect with them effectively. How? Thanks to great data collection algorythms and other handy instruments used in the program. I would advise smintly to any marketer professional.

With Smintly we are able to track all the conversations that are relevant to our business. It gives us very important insights on our customers preferences. Analytical tools are very helpful in managing the content strategy, so we don't waste time creating the content that nobody needs. We're happy to use Smintly in our everyday practice.

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