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-**FAQ** +I'm in the mathematics seocitn most of the time, but enjoy other seocitns. I sometimes answer in religion, horoscopes, politics and other seocitns. Over the years, this has often caused disagreements between my contacts from each of those seocitns.Or what about Y!A allowing members ​to control what seocitns they wish to see questions and answers from other contacts?I don't consider ​any seocitn on Y!A as nonsenseand because I answer on a particular seocitn doesn'​t imply whether I am pro or con on a particular issue. Please stay on topic.
- +
-  * Q: [[fees:fee charged|How much do need to pay for the service?​]] +
-  * Q: [[fees:free updates| Do need to pay any extra fee for service upgradesnew features?​]] +
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