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Twitter marketing tools* make the management of your account easier. This feature allows user to:* - indicate keywords - set minimal and maximal number of users to follow daily - set the time of following - add keywords for search criteria - set minimal and maximal number of followers (for users you are going to follow) - include or exclude additional keywords * * To set Twitter marketing tools choose Settings on the Dashboard, click Social keywords. * Customize your setting adding the keywords, including or excluding additional ones. * The next step is User search keywords. * Choose User search keywords on the Dashboard. * Indicate keywords, set minimal and maximal number of users to follow daily and the time of following. Also you can include or exclude the keywords. * * Another feature is Spam account filters. Withe the help of it you can set special criteria to follow interesting users. Indicate age of account, the number of days before unfollowing, etc. * Choose SettingsSocial Media on the Dashboard. * Click edit and make all the necessary changes, then click Save**.